Become a Celsius Ambassador

Are you a Celsian looking to make a difference? Do you want to spread the word? Become a Celsius Ambassador today!

As Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network, as said many times before: “Let’s do good, and do well, together.” There’s no better opportunity out there than to become a Celsius Ambassador. By applying, you are on your way to joining a growing number of crypto and Celsius enthusiasts who want to spread the word and get more people ‘Unbanked‘.

Plus, you will enjoy all the perks of becoming a Celsius Ambassador, including free swag, mentions on social media, community events, online meet-ups, support and maybe even some small financial rewards. Becoming a Celsius Ambassador is as simple as applying, explaining why you want to be an Ambassador and what you can contribute to the community. Currently, Celsius Ambassadors number in the thousands and are spread worldwide.

If you want to play a role in unbanking the next 100 million people globally, then becoming an Ambassador for Celsius Network is a great opportunity! If you have a unique skill set to offer (both online and offline), then you have the goods to become part of this growing community. Some of the ways that you can contribute as an Ambassador for Celsius Network includes:

  • Translation services for print and digital media (social media streams like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube)
  • Customer service for online support (like Reddit and Telegram)
  • Website(s) dedicated to Celsius providing unique content, graphics, infographics and how-to’s
  • Comparisons with competitors and how Celsius compares
  • Social media posts and pages to create new and exciting communities within your geographic location
  • Tutorials and how-to’s in videos and infographics
  • Blogs and reviews
  • and much more…

The Celsius Ambassador Program is here to unbank the next 100 million people globally. It is your responsibility as an Ambassador for Celsius Network to spread the word online and offline, to support everyone who is interested and wants to learn more and essentially become an expert on what Celsius provide in terms of features, functionality, transparency, security, rewards, loans, passive income and financial freedom.

What other things can you do to help unbank the next 100 million people?

Celsius Referral Program

A new user (can be an acquaintance, friend, family or colleague) can enter your Referral Code. Once they transfer $400 worth of crypto assets and hold it in their Celsius wallet for at least 30 days, then you will both receive $50 free Bitcoin!

Celsius Affiliate Program

Refer a qualified affiliate (again, can be a colleague, acquaintance, friend or family member) and once they transfer at least $400 worth of crypto assets into their Celsius wallet and keeps it there for over 30 days, then you will receive $50 BTC for free!

Global Scale Outreach

Celsius Network is constantly looking for more global ambassadors all around the world. Help us reach the goal of 100 million users, anywhere in the world.