CEL Token Utility

The CEL token is the native utility token for Celsius. So why invest in CEL?

We’re often asked this question: Why buy CEL? What is it used for and how do you benefit from holding CEL tokens? We’ll explain in this article!

The Celsius Loyalty Program

Since the original whitepaper and official launch of Celsius Network in late 2017/early 2018, the CEL token has taken center stage in regards to the Celsius ecosystem. The Celsius Fly Wheel is powered by the CEL token giving it increasing value, stability and sustainability.

As written in the whitepaper, the Celsius Loyalty Program hinged on the CEL Ratio: the ratio between the amount of CEL held in a wallet (in USD) to the amount of all other assets held in a wallet (in USD). The higher the CEL Ratio, the higher the Loyalty Level and the lower the CEL Ratio, the lower the Loyalty Level.

And each Loyalty Level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and No Loyalty) gives Celsius users a unique set of benefits. We will explore the benefits below.

UPDATE: Celsius Network will start Weekly CEL Token Burns!

CEL has become a deflationary token. As announced on October 1st, 2021, Celsius CEL Tokens will be burned each week. The amount burned will be adjusted weekly and will correspond to 10% of the total that they earn that week. This is an additional 10% on top of what is already paid in rewards. And these CEL tokens will be purchased off the open market (and will not come from the Treasury).

CEL Token Benefit #1:
‘Bonus’ Reward Rates

The most obvious, and well marketed benefits of the Celsius Loyalty Program is the increase in weekly reward rates (only if paid in-CEL). Here is the chart that explains the different rates for all Loyalty Levels as well as the CEL Ratio required for each tier:

Loyalty LevelCEL Ratioor CEL BalanceBonus
Platinum25% – 100%>25,000 CEL30%
Gold15% – 25%>10,000 CEL20%
Silver10% – 15%>1,000 CEL15%
Bronze5% – 10%1 CEL10%
No Loyalty0% – 5%0 CEL0%
Loyalty levels are dynamic and will change with changing wallet balances. This includes new transfers and withdrawals as well as market fluctuations (i.e. change in asset prices). Please note that only accredited US Users can earn in-CEL for bonus rewards.

CEL Token Benefit #2:
Loan Interest Discounts

Another outstanding perk for having higher Celsius Loyalty is the discount on loan interest (if paid in-CEL). The higher the CEL Ratio and Loyalty, the larger the discount!

Here is a chart that explains the % discount for each Loyalty Level:

Loyalty LevelCEL Ratioor CEL BalanceLoan
Platinum25% – 100%>25,000 CEL25%
Gold15% – 25%>10,000 CEL15%
Silver10% – 15%>1,000 CEL10%
Bronze5% – 10%1 CEL5%
No Loyalty0% – 5%0 CEL0%
Loyalty levels are dynamic and will change with changing wallet balances. This includes new transfers and withdrawals as well as market fluctuations (i.e. change in asset prices)

Furthermore, here is a chart that shows all the discounted rates for each Loyalty Level and for each Celsius crypto-backed loan option (1.00%, 6.95% or 8.95% APR):

Platinum & paid in CEL0.75%5.21%6.71%
Gold & paid in CEL 0.85%5.91%7.61%
Silver & paid in CEL 0.90%6.26%8.06%
Bronze & paid in CEL 0.95%6.60%8.50%
* Please note that California, US and UK users can get 0% APR / 25% LTV loans for a limited time

Please note: the discounted loan rates are for BOTH stablecoin loans as well as USD (fiat) loans!

CEL Token Benefit #3:
Daily # of Trades and/or $ Volume for In-App Swaps

The upcoming worldwide launch of the Celsius in-app swaps feature is very exciting. What’s more exciting for users with top Loyalty Levels is that Celsius has confirmed that the higher your Loyalty Level, the better the perks. We are anxiously awaiting confirmation as to the CEL token benefits for in-app swaps, but what we’ve heard on the grape vine is that the higher your Loyalty, the more daily # of trades and/or USD volume you’ll be allowed. Isn’t that a great perk!

CEL Token Benefit #4:
Priority In-Line for Loans Approval & Loan Support

As per the Celsius website and recent Friday AMAs, users who have Platinum or Gold Loyalty will have priority in-line for anything to do with crypto-backed loans through the platform. You will get priority service for:

  • Celsius loans approval (origination)
  • closing loans (if you don’t want to do it manually within the mobile app)
  • reverse margin call (take out loan collateral if asset price has increased > so you start earning reward interest again)
  • margin calls and liquidation (support to top-up collateral in crypto or fiat)
  • other loans support (in case you have any questions)

CEL Token Benefit #5:
Priority Access for New App & Platform Features

Another huge benefit for having higher Celsius Loyalty (higher CEL Ratio) is that Platinum users will enjoy priority access to new app features. This includes some of the following upcoming features that are going to launch to Platinum users first:

  • in-app swaps (converting asset to asset within app with no fees or spreads)
  • credit card loyalty benefits (first launch access, cashback, card type, discounted interest rates and preferred reward rates)
  • self-insurance product (first launch access and preferred rates)
  • fiat on-ramp and off-ramp (first launch access)

CEL Token Benefit #6:
Premium Support

An often overlooked benefit of being a Platinum Level user is that you have access to Premium Support services. This is support for essentially any questions or concerns you have. We have definitely experienced premium support as all of our inquiries are answered by Celsius support within 48 hours (versus stories of other users waiting a week or two to get a response from the team).