Celsius Competitors

Celsius Network is a Centralized Finance (CeFi) platform that brings Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features and transparency, effectively bridging the two battlefields in crypto.

Celsius Network is one of the leaders in the Centralized Finance (CeFi) space. CeFi is here to facilitate everyday individuals and companies to use cryptocurrencies for all of their financial needs and services. Celsius is not only the leader when it comes to reward and borrowing rates, but they are also the most transparent and established company in CeFi, making it a worthy competitor to the DeFi space as well.

However, the CeFi industry is crowded and Celsius has its fair share of competitors. Some competitors have utility tokens much like CEL, the native token of the Celsius platform. Others give higher ‘teaser’ reward rates or additional features like in-app swaps and credit/debit cards. Despite this, Celsius as a whole is far superior when it comes to:

  • the overall user experience and UI
  • transparency, such as the Rewards Explorer
  • security and governance
  • consistent and sustainable reward rates on deposits
  • lowest borrowing rates
  • range of supported assets and stablecoins
  • partnerships
  • up to 80% of revenue given back to users
  • weekly AMAs, YouTube videos, social engagement

Nevertheless, please do your own due diligence when selecting a Centralized Finance (CeFi) platform to deposit your assets. Here are some of the Celsius competitors:

Here is a list of all the Celsius Competitors that have a utility tokens (like the CEL token) that determines Loyalty Levels and benefits.

CeFi PlatformUtility Token
Yield AppYLD

Other Celsius Competitors that do not have a utility token.