Celsius Infographics & Deep Dives

For deep dive explanations, visual representations and examples, we’ve designed some infographics for the community. Hopefully these Celsius infographics will alleviate some frustration and confusion amongst the Celsius Network community, especially for new users.

Please note that all information has been tripled-checked by the Celsius Support team to ensure accuracy as of October 2021. You can click on any infographic to get a full-sized high-resolution version. Please share with the Celsius community.

Here are the Celsius infographics and deep dive explanations on this page:

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FIFO Chronological Order for Promo Codes

The Celsius promo code system uses a FIFO order. FIFO stands for “first-in, first-out”. So what does this mean? Users must deposit the required asset(s) for the first promo code they entered before depositing assets for promo codes entered after. Therefore, promotion requirements need to be satisfied in a chronological order. This Celsius infographic gives specific examples on how the FIFO order works and how not to make FIFO errors when entering multiple promo codes.

Celsius Promo Code FIFO chronological order (first-in, first out) infographic

Entering and Using Multiple Promo Codes at The Same Time

There are 3 types of Celsius promotions: Referral Codes, Promo Codes for first-time deposits and Promo Codes for All Users. Unfortunately, you can only use one Referral Code -or- first-time deposit Promo Code. However, Celsians can use any number of Celsius promo code available to all users. Therefore, it is possible to ‘stack’ Celsius promo codes. However, you have to satisfy the individual deposit requirements of each promotion separately (i.e. deposits cannot be ‘stacked’… one deposit can can only go towards one promotion dependent on the FIFO order). This infographic gives you examples using current active promo codes.

How to use multiple Celsius promo codes and how to stack them to maximize your returns.

Withdrawals & Promo Codes… are they allowed?

This is a hot topic, and a very confusing and frustrating one for many Celsius Network users. The simple answer is: YES, but with caveats. In order to withdraw assets without canceling your Celsius locked promo codes, you need to look at what is called the ‘Cumulative Sum’. This is the sum of ALL deposits & withdrawals after you entered the most recent promo code into your account. This Celsius infographic describes what this Cumulative Sum means and gives you several examples of what to do (or not to do) when it comes to locked promo codes and withdrawals.

Celsius promo code balance snapshot, cumulative sum infographic explaining promo codes & withdrawals

Why Are My Reward Payouts Less Than What I Expected?

We get a lot of questions regarding reward payouts and why they are different from what was shown when the promotion was ‘locked’ in their account. The reason why your Celsius reward payouts are less (or more) than what was originally quoted is because the reward amount that shows up when you ‘lock’ a promo code is calculated using the current market price of the reward asset. However, the amount paid out is based on the market price of the reward asset on the ‘unlock’ date, which is most likely different. Most Celsius promotions are denominated in USD and not the reward asset. Therefore, the amount of rewards in USD stays constant while the amount of rewards paid out in a particular asset is variable. Here is an infographic that explains it.

Reverse Margin Calls for Celsius Loans

If you have a Celsius loan and your loan collateral asset has increased in value significantly, you can request a ‘Reverse Margin Call’ to rebalance your loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and unlock collateral. By receiving assets back, you can start earning weekly rewards or even convert it to fiat or other crypto assets. This Reverse Margin Call infographic explains what it is, how to request one and the guidelines.

Reverse margin calls for Celsius crypto-backed loans

What Triggers a Celsius Loan Margin Call or Liquidation?

Celsius Network is well known for it’s unique and industry leading crypto-backed loan options. As such, many Celsians opt to borrow against their assets in order to get loan proceeds as fiat or stablecoins. These can be used to pay for daily expenses and/or make other investments including crypto. The advantage of taking out a loan against your crypto assets is that you don’t sell your crypto (which may lead to further price appreciation through time). This also saves you from having to pay taxes on any potential gains. However, when asset prices decline (especially in the volatile crypto world), your Celsius loan may get a margin call or liquidation notice. So, how does Celsius Network determine when to send you a reminder to top up your collateral? And when and how can you be liquidated if you don’t respond or follow the step-by-step instructions on how to keep your crypto loans in good standing? Find out below on what triggers a Celsius loan margin call or liquidation in regards to both asset price declines or increase in loan-to-value ratios.

Loyalty Tiers & Celsius CEL Ratio Calculation

Celsius Loyalty Tiers are determined by the value of your CEL tokens in relation to your total portfolio. The higher your CEL Ratio, the higher your Loyalty Tier. This infographic describes how the CEL Ratio is calculated to determine which Loyalty level you belong to.

Celsius Network Loyalty Tiers and status is based on your CEL Ratio

How to Maintain or Increase your Celsius Loyalty Tier

The Celsius Network Loyalty Program not only provides users with perks & benefits, but it also gives the CEL token utility. There are 5 Celsius Loyalty levels dependent on your CEL Ratio: Platinum (highest), Gold, Silver, Bronze and no Loyalty (lowest). All users (both international and US based users) can purchase and hold CEL tokens in their Celsius wallet, and therefore can have Loyalty status. However, US users cannot enjoy the benefits of bonus reward rates paid in-CEL due to current legislation. They can enjoy other benefits such as lower interest rates for crypto-backed loans. This infographic describes how you can maintain your Loyalty status, or even increase it to enjoy more benefits.

How to maintain or increase your Celsius Loyalty status explained

What is the Celsius HODL Mode for Enhanced Security?

A great security feature that users can opt-into is the Celsius HODL Mode. Essentially, if HODL mode is turned ‘on’, all outgoing transactions are restricted. This adds an extra layer of security for your crypto wallet. This infographic describes what you can and cannot do while HODL mode is activated.

Celsius HODL Mode infographic

Celsius Wallet Security 101

This infographic shows how you can secure your crypto wallet and make sure that your assets are protected. From HODL Mode to choosing a good password and from whitelisting withdrawal addresses to what not to do, it is vital to the security of your Celsius wallet.

Celsius Security 101: How to best secure your Celsius crypto wallet

When do I get paid?

This is a very common question. Rewards are always paid out on Monday but post-dated to the previous Friday. The rewards accrual period is Friday to Friday (with the price snapshot on Friday).

Celsius weekly rewards infographic. When do I get paid cheat sheet

Absolutely No Fees!

Yes, you heard it… Celsius Network is a no fee platform. No withdrawal fees, no loan origination fees, no fees at all. This infographic explains what ‘no fees’ actually means.

Celsius Network is a no fee platform. Yes, Celsius does not charge withdrawal fees