Dollar-Cost Average for Free with Celsius Network

Interested in a free way to dollar-cost average into cryptocurrency? Find out a passive way to DCA below…

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) or Constant Dollar Plan is an investment strategy that divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a specific asset. This will mitigate the impact of volatility on the overall purchase and the purchases occur regardless of the price. Here is more info about dollar-cost averaging.

For example, if you have $1,000 USD to use towards the purchase of Bitcoin, an investor can either purchase $1,000 USD worth of BTC all at once -or- they can purchase $100 USD worth of BTC 10x over 10 months (once per month). The latter strategy is called dollar-cost averaging, and it’s a useful way to mitigate risk.

Why Dollar-Cost Average?

In the above example, if an investor were to invest $1,000 USD into Bitcoin all at once at a price of $50,000 USD/BTC, then they pour 100% of their risk into BTC either going up or going down. The investor buys 0.00002 BTC.

However, if an investor were to invest $100 USD into Bitcoin once per month for 10 months, then the risk is reduced or mitigated over this period of time. Nobody can predict the markets, especially not the volatile cryptocurrency markets. Therefore, there is a good chance that the investor who utilizes a dollar-cost average strategy will accumulate more Bitcoin using the same amount of USD.

Dollar-Cost Average for Free? How?

Through Celsius Network, any user can dollar-cost average for free. Many followers will have lots of questions, and our simple answer is: DCA for free through Celsius Network weekly rewards is a passive strategy that will help you stack as much cryptocurrency as you can. Hear us out…

Celsius Network pays weekly rewards to users who deposit supported assets onto their platform. These reward rates can be as high as 17.85% APY. Here is a list of current reward rates. Celsius rewards accrual period is Friday to Friday. Weekly rewards payouts are deposited into a users’ wallet every Monday (post-dated to previous Friday).

This is the key to this passive dollar-cost average strategy: Weekly rewards are paid every Monday and the amount you receive is based on the exact market price of the asset that is being paid out. That in itself is a ‘purchase’ of a cryptocurrency asset, but for FREE. All you need to do is hold your cryptocurrency in your Celsius Network wallet, and you get these rewards paid out every single Monday.

Free dollar-cost averaging will help any investor accumulate as much cryptocurrency as possible. Not only are you getting paid weekly rewards on your initial deposits, but your weekly rewards also earn weekly rewards.

This results in a combination of both free dollar-cost average on your initial investments and compounding on your rewards every single week. Therefore your rate of return on your initial investment increases almost exponentially. This is the most powerful way to invest and HODL!

Example of Celsius Network Dollar-Cost Averaging for Free

Here is an example of dollar-cost averaging for free through Celsius Networks’ weekly rewards. Again, this is a passive income strategy that requires no work other than depositing your assets into your Celsius Network wallet. It incorporates 2 excellent investment strategies: free dollar-cost averaging PLUS weekly compounding rewards.

Below is a screenshot of a Terra (LUNA) wallet on the Celsius Network platform. LUNA earns 5.05% APY in-kind (subject to change at any time).

A little more than 10 LUNA were deposited on November 16th, 2021. A partial reward was deposited on November 18th (as rewards accrual is Friday to Friday and the LUNA was deposited on a Wednesday).

You’ll also see full weekly reward payouts on:

  • November 25th (for 0.00954 LUNA)
  • December 2nd (for 0.00955 LUNA)
  • December 9th (for 0.00956 LUNA)
  • December 16th (for 0.00957 LUNA)
  • December 23rd (for 0.00958 LUNA)

This is an example of FREE dollar-cost average through Celsius Network with weekly compounding rewards. Each week, the rewards get bigger regardless of the current market value of LUNA. This is an example of just a 5 week snapshot. Imagine what your free dollar-cost averaging and weekly compounding strategies can earn you over 1, 2 or 5 years?

If you want a sound long-term investment strategy using dollar-cost averaging for free, why not try Celsius Network today?