Get a Loan to Earn Higher Rewards
(In-CEL Calculator)

Learn how you can multiple your return on investments (ROI) using Celsius crypto loans by reading this article.

Wondering if your strategy involving taking out a loan to purchase more crypto to earn higher rewards works? Use our in-CEL calculator below to see if you have a sound strategy. An explanation is located below too.

PLEASE NOTE: The strategy of getting higher rewards by leveraging crypto loans only works well for PLATINUM LEVEL Celsius users. The calculator assumes that you are a Platinum user paying the loan interest using CEL tokens, and therefore, you receive a 25% discount on interest charges. The same strategy could work for some GOLD LEVEL users, but the difference in reward rates is minimal, making it less worthwhile. This is very important!

Here are the current In-CEL APY Reward Rates (use Platinum Level rates)


If your “In-CEL Differential” is:

  • Negative (-) > it means that you are better off NOT using your strategy as you would get higher in-kind rewards by keeping your existing assets earning CEL (versus using it as collateral to purchase other assets).
  • Between 0 to 5.00% > it means that you will earn slightly higher in-CEL rewards using your strategy. But is it worth it for just 5% difference? Probably not.
  • Greater than 5.00% > definitely worth another look as you will receive much higher in-CEL rewards by taking out a loan and purchasing other crypto assets to gain higher CEL yield, and therefore, higher ROI.

Please note that we are only comparing the % differential for earning in-CEL. Other variables include:

  1. Reward rates (updated weekly)
  2. Price of collateral used for the loan
  3. Price of assets purchased using loan proceeds
  4. Celsius loan rates (but are ‘locked’ when your loan is approved)
  5. Assets supported by Celsius

In-Kind APY Equivalency =

  • 1.00% APR Loan > In-Kind APY * 4 (as a 1% APR / 25% LTV loan requires 4 times the collateral, and loan collateral does not earn rewards)
  • 6.95% APR Loan > In-Kind APY * 3 (as a 6.95% APR / 33% LTV loan requires 3 times the collateral, and loan collateral does not earn rewards)
  • 8.95% APR Loan > In-Kind APY * 2 (as a 8.95% APR / 50% LTV loan requires 2 times the collateral, and loan collateral does not earn rewards)

Lastly, we separated the APR and LTV into separate dropdown boxes in case Celsius ever changes their loan terms and options.