How to Add
Promo Codes to your Celsius App

Here’s a quick guide on how to add & activate Celsius Promo Codes to your Celsius Network account. Please note that you must use your mobile app in order to add and activate promo codes. Click here for active promo codes.

Stacking Promo Codes

A note about promo code stacking… you can certainly ‘stack’ Celsius promo codes in your web app. However, it must be noted that you should enter the ‘smallest’ promo code FIRST (the ones that require the least amount of asset deposits) and the ‘largest’ promo codes stacked last.
For example: If you are looking to stack promo codes PAXG60 (requiring $400 PAXG deposit) and PAXG600 (requiring $25,000 PAXG deposit), you should enter PAXG60 first and then PAXG600 second. If you follow this promo code stacking order and you transfer at least $400 PAXG but less than $25,000 PAXG, you would still collect the PAXG60 promo reward (but not the PAXG600 reward).
However, if you enter PAXG600 first and deposit over $400 PAXG but less than $25,000 PAXG, you won’t collect ANY rewards because your promo code stacking was in the wrong order. The system goes by chronological order of promo code stacking entry. So yes, Celsius promo codes can be stacked, but they should be entered in the specific order of smallest to largest deposits required.

Celsius Promo Code Status

Please note that the Celsius Promo Codes have 4 statuses:

1 | Pending Promo Code

After entering the promo code, it will show as ‘Pending‘ until you make the required minimum deposit amount for each particular promo. Please note that you only have a specified amount of time to make your deposit, which is usually between 20-30 days after entering the Celsius promo code. If you don’t make the required deposit in time (activation period), the promo code will change to ‘Cancelled’.

2 | Locked Promo Code

After you make the necessary deposits required for a specific Celsius promo, your promo code will show as ‘Locked‘. This includes the holding period (how long you need to hold your deposited funds in your Celsius wallet) as well as keeping your wallet balance above your threshold (if required). If you don’t satisfy all the terms and conditions (like withdrawing before the specified hold period or abusing the program), then your promo code will change to ‘Canceled’.

3 | Claimed Promo Code

Once you satisfy all the Celsius promo code terms & conditions, your reward will be distributed and unlocked in your wallet. The specific promo code will now show as ‘Claimed‘.

4 | Canceled Promo Code

If for whatever reason you fail to meet all the terms & conditions for a particular promo code, it will be ‘Canceled‘. The most common reasons why a Celsius promo code is cancelled include:

  • Failure to transfer required assets with the specified ‘activation period’ (usually 20-30 days)
  • Failure to transfer the minimum amount of assets (usually based on USD at the time of network confirmation)
  • Failure to transfer the appropriate asset type (specific to each promo code)
  • Withdrawing assets before the ‘hold period’ is satisfied (usually 30 days for smaller promos) including CelPay
  • Withdrawing assets and falling below your ‘snapshot portfolio value’ (amount at the time of your original deposit) if required
  • Withdrawal amount exceeds the required transfer amount in the promo code description (if promo code requires $400 USDC, your net USDC balance after withdrawals must remain at or above $400 USDC)
  • Account balance drops below your ‘snapshot balance’ (portfolio balance upon completing the promo code transfer requirement)
Unable to Enter Promo Code in Celsius App

Here are a few reasons why your Celsius App may not recognize or accept your promo code:

  • Promo code is not available in your jurisdiction
  • Only available to first-time transfers (but you’ve already made transfers before). The error reads: “You have already made your first transfer, or you have already applied for a referral or first transfer promo code”
  • Promo codes are only available to active, registered and approved users
  • Invalid promo codes
  • Expired promo codes (see below)
Expired Celsius Promo Codes

Here is a list of most of the previously expired promo codes for Celsius. Please note that if you’ve entered these promo codes previously and fulfilled their conditions they will still be honored.

  • B22SATS250
  • B22SATS5000
  • B22SATS20000
  • ADA40
  • ADA500
  • STABLE10
  • STABLE50
  • STABLE600
  • BNB40
  • PAXG600
  • PAXG60
  • UNI60
  • BTC2500
  • BTC600
  • BTC50
  • BTC40
  • BTC30
  • BTC20
  • USDT20
  • Banter20

  • LUNA20
  • LUNA150
  • LUNA600
  • STABLE2000
  • NEW40
  • WEB40
  • WEB30
  • WEB20
  • 82688
  • 51148
  • 76855
  • 74209
  • 62807
  • 23337
  • 91258
  • 90736
  • USDC20
  • DNS