How to Maintain Loyalty Tiers

For Celsius users who can invest and earn in-CEL tokens, it is vital to keep a high Loyalty Level in order to reap the benefits of higher weekly reward rates on deposits (up to 25% more) and lower monthly interest costs for loans (up to 25% lower). The Loyalty Levels are updated real-time and depends on your CEL Ratio (the amount of CEL tokens in USD in relation to the total sum of your other crypto assets).

Find out how your CEL Ratio is calculated by clicking here.

CEL Ratioor CEL
Platinum25% – 100%>25,000 CEL30%25%
Gold15% – 25%>10,000 CEL20%15%
Silver10% – 15%>1,000 CEL15%10%
Bronze5% – 10%1 CEL10%5%
No Loyalty0% – 5%0 CEL0%0%
Here are strategies to maintain your Celsius Loyalty Tier:

Essentially, there are 2 strategies to keep or increase your Celsius Loyalty Tier: increase your CEL holdings or decrease your ‘other crypto asset’ holdings.

  • Purchase more CEL Tokens (on CEX, DEX, in-app or OTC) and deposit into your Celsius wallet
  • Withdraw other crypto assets (other than CEL) from your Celsius wallet
  • Get a loan against your lowest interest-earning asset (as loan collateral is not used in the CEL Ratio calculation)
  • Send crypto assets (other than CEL) via CelPay to a friend, family or secondary account
  • Coming soon: in-app swaps (to purchase more CEL) within your Celsius wallet