Liquid Earn

In late April 2021, Liquid Exchange partnered with Celsius to provide it’s users compounding yield on crypto assets through Liquid Earn.

UPDATE: Liquid Global Exchange Hack

On Thursday, August 19th, 2021, the Liquid Global exchange was hacked for approximately $75-80 million dollars worth of crypto assets. The Important Notice explained that the Liquid Global warm wallets were compromised. They are currently investigating the loss, hacker wallets and transferring remaining crypto assets to cold wallets. Both deposits and withdrawals have been suspended indefinitely. It has been noted that approximately 804,775.54 CEL tokens were stolen (none from the Liquid Earn Celsius platform wallets) and some have been liquidated on Uniswap and other DEXs. Some CEL tokens remain in the hacker’s wallets.

As confirmed by Nuke Goldstein, the Liquid Earn yield account (partnership through Celsius Network) through the Celsius platform is safe and not affected. The Liquid-Celsius earn wallets are uncompromised and all assets are safe.

Unlimited rewards for Liquid Earn + $15,000 giveaway

We are happy to announce that our Liquid Earn limits have been lifted, which means you can now earn unlimited rewards on your Liquid Earn!

To celebrate, we are giving away $15,000 to our beloved Liquid Earn subscribers! The top 50 Liquid Earn balances will be eligible to participate in a weekly giveaway of $1,000 per winner. A total of 5 winners will be drawn each week.

Campaign duration: 15th September 2021 – 5th October 2021.

How to participate:
  • Join Liquid Earn. If you are in the top 50 highest balances on Liquid Earn, you will be part of the lucky draw for the prize of $1,000!
  • Keep depositing more assets to your Liquid Earn balance to be part of the giveaway!
How to deposit crypto to Liquid Earn? 

If you are subscribed to the digital asset(s) that are part of Liquid Earn, you will need to deposit this crypto(s) to your Liquid account; the reward will automatically start compounding within 24 hours.

The Liquid Earn Celsius Yield Product

This amazing collaboration was in the works for almost a year. The official launch of the Celsius – Liquid Earn product was in late May 2021.

Not only does Liquid Exchange provide fee-free purchases and transactions for the CEL token, but the Liquid Earn launch signified a huge step forward for Celsius Network to expand their reach from its own native wallet to providing its services to other companies.

Here are some of the distinguishing features between earning reward interest on Liquid Earn versus Celsius Network:

FeatureLiquid EarnCelsius Network
PlatformCentralized Exchange (CEX)Centralized Finance (CeFi)
Trade while
Assets are
USDT (ERC-20, TRC-20)
USDC (Stellar, ERC-20)
Compounded every minuteCompounded every week
Every TuesdayEvery Monday

Supported Crypto Assets on Liquid Earn

Here is a comparison between reward rates on Liquid Earn (In-Kind) and Celsius Network (In-Kind and In-CEL for Platinum Loyalty users). The difference in reward rates is due to the fact that Liquid Earn rewards are compounded every minute (according to their web site) and Celsius rewards are compounded weekly.

AssetLiquid Earn
BTC3.509%6.20% (≤1)
3.51% (>1)
ETH5.051%5.35% (≤100)
5.05% (>100)
CEL4.862%4.86% 4.86%
BCH4.506%4.51% 5.66%
* Please note that all rates are in APY. Celsius in-CEL rewards are for Platinum Loyalty users only (users with a CEL Ratio of over 25% CEL Tokens)

Advantages of Liquid Earn and Using Liquid Exchange

Here are some great advantages for using Liquid Exchange and the Liquid Earn product:

  • fee-free purchases and transactions for the CEL token
  • compounding yield on crypto assets
  • you can earn USDT (ERC-20, TRC-20) and USDC (Stellar, ERC-20) irrespective of the blockchain you use to fund your account
  • compounding by the minute on Liquid Earn
  • weekly payouts of Liquid Earn rewards every Tuesday
  • anytime asset transfers and withdrawals
  • no minimum balance restrictions
  • flexibility of trading while still earning through Liquid Earn
  • both HODLers and crypto traders can earn high interest APY rates
  • security and transparency through Celsius Network
  • no network gas fees
  • amazing list of supported Liquid Earn crypto assets
  • safeguarded using a comb of cold wallets & multi-party computation (MPC) technology

For more details about Liquid Earn, please click here. The Liquid Exchange continually reviews supported assets for the Liquid Earn product, as well as the APY reward rates.