Proof of Community

A big part of Celsius’ mission is transparency. From weekly AMAs, community meet-ups, support groups and YouTube videos, Celsius Network is by far the most ‘transparent’ crypto company out there.

As such, Celsius has launched their Celsius Proof of Community Initiative which provides users with maximum transparency on all crypto assets and how rewards are paid out to users.

The Celsius Rewards Explorer

Launched in June 2021, the Celsius Rewards Explorer is part of the Celsius Proof of Community Initiative. The Rewards Explorer is an interactive platform that breaks down the weekly reward calculations and distributions so a user can be 100% sure that they are receiving the correct rewards.

The Celsius Rewards Explorer is accessible via both mobile app as well as the web app. It is completely secure and every user can use the Rewards Explorer to verify and understand how the transactions, rates and different variable affect the weekly reward payouts.

It’s an excellent tool for analysis and quality assurance too. The Celsius Proof of Community Rewards Data is published by the community every week, and further breaks down trends, numbers and interesting facts.

Here are a couple of screenshots of what the Celsius Rewards Explorer looks like:

Celsius Rewards Explorer showing this user their weekly BTC rewards paid out in-kind (BTC)

Celsius Rewards Explorer showing this user their weekly MATIC rewards paid out in-CEL

Celsius Horizen Blockchain Audit

One of the biggest challenges in being entirely transparent with the community and public is privacy. At Celsius, both transparency and privacy are of utmost importance … but how do they take both into account?

Through the Horizen zkAudit, Celsius gives users a dedicated 3rd party transparent audit. The Celsius Horizen zkAudit will prove all of the community assets under management without disclosing any customer details. And it’s completely real-time too.

In other words, this is Centralized Finance (CeFi) with all the benefits of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Celsius Network is opening up its community assets to the world through an independent and automated audit system for financial services. The collaboration between Horizen Labs and Celsius Network is new and exciting!