Referral Code & Promo Code Payouts

Why is my payout different from what was indicated in my account?

This is probably the most common question when it comes to Celsius reward payouts for Referral Code and Promo Codes. For all Celsius promotions, the amount of rewards quoted on the ‘lock date’ may be different than the amount of rewards paid out on the ‘unlock date’.

This is because most promo rewards are denominated in USD (US Dollars) and NOT denominated in the reward asset. For example, a Bitcoin (BTC) promo reward of $50 USD will always be worth $50 USD regardless of what the BTC price is at the time of payout. What’s variable, is the amount of BTC paid out.

The ‘lock date‘ is the date and time that the system recognizes that you have satisfied the deposit requirements for the specific promo. The ‘unlock date‘ is the date and time that your promo rewards are paid out after the ‘lock period’ (usually 30 or 90 days after the ‘lock date’) assuming that you have met all terms & conditions.

Below is an infographic that describes the Celsius Promotion Payout process. You can click for a larger, high-resolution version. Please share!

Celsius promo code reward payouts are denominated in USD and not the reward asset. This is why the actual promo reward payout is variable.

But why did I receive lower -or- higher reward payouts?

SIMPLE ANSWER is market price! Many Celsius users are confused as to why their actual reward payout is different than the amount quoted originally in their account. We’ll explain why there is a difference below…

If your reward payout is in an asset with variable price (for example, Bitcoin), then the reward amount quoted on the ‘lock date’ is based on the BTC market price at that specific time and date that your promotion is locked. BUT THIS WILL NOT BE YOUR FINAL REWARD PAYOUT AMOUNT BECAUSE… The amount of rewards paid out depends on the reward asset (BTC) market price on the ‘unlock date’ which will likely be different than the market price of the original ‘lock date’ (30 or 90 days previous). Therefore…

  • If the BTC market price is HIGHER on the ‘unlock date’ compared to the ‘lock date’, you will receive LESS Bitcoin.
  • IF the BTC market price is LOWER on the ‘unlock date’ compared to the ‘lock date’, you will receive MORE Bitcoin.

Celsius rewards paid out in stablecoins (like USDC or USDT) will not be affected in the same way.