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Stop spending on fees – In-app Swap with Celsius is free

Ready to upgrade your crypto experience? Celsius is bringing in-app crypto Swap to our platform to enable instant trading with zero fees. Instant Celsius Swap to beat the market! With in-app crypto Swap, you’ll be able to easily exchange one crypto asset for another within the Celsius app. Don’t swap on platforms that charge high fees and offer low yield. Control your assets with Celsius and feel the power of beating the market.

Celsius in-app swaps sign-up

Please note that in-app swaps are also called ‘Celsius Swaps‘.

Rollout Plan for In-App Swaps on Celsius Network

The current timeline is for the beta launch to California Platinum Level users by the end of October 2021. A phased rollout to the rest of the United States for all Loyalty Level users will begin shortly after. The global rollout will follow (but there is no ETA). It is expected that everyone will have access to the new Celsius in-app swaps feature by end of November 2021. Sign-up for Celsius in-app swaps today!

Celsius Swaps Confirmation Email

After you sign-up for the Celsius in-app swaps early access, you should receive the following email:

Congratulations, you’ve signed up for the Swaps Beta!

Swaps will give you the power to easily swap one crypto asset for another. The market moves fast, but Celsius Swaps will help you move faster! And did we mention, it’s totally free?

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be inviting users to access the new Celsius Swaps feature. To keep the community updated, we will also be sending regular updates about our progress with Celsius Swaps, so be sure to stay subscribed and keep an eye on your inbox!

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*Celsius’ services and any products or services including Celsius Swaps mentioned may not be available in all jurisdictions.

How much are the swap fees?

As Celsius is a ‘no fee’ platform, there will be absolutely NO FEES involved with swapping your crypto. There are no spreads and no fees. You will receive the very best market price for your swaps. Sign-up today to get early in-app swaps access.

Celsius weekly rewards and swaps

Many users have asked us this question: how do in-app swaps affect my Celsius weekly rewards? The answer is simple: Celsius rewards are calculated to the second and paid out weekly. Therefore, when you use the in-app swaps feature, the crypto asset you are swapping to will begin to earn rewards straight away, while the crypto asset you ‘sold’ or ‘swapped out of’ will no longer earn rewards. For example, if you do a BTC to USDC swap exactly mid-accrual period (Friday to Friday) then your BTC will stop earning rewards mid-accrual period and your USDC will start earning rewards mid-accrual period. If you want early access, sign-up for Celsius in-app swaps today!

Screenshot of Celsius in-app swaps interface. Sign-up for early access today

What trading pairs will be supported?

Another great question! Eventually, all supported assets within your jurisdiction will be available for in-app swaps. However, it looks like the California beta rollout supports 26 assets including:

*Please note that CEL, BNB & LUNA and in some jurisdictions in California, DOT and ADA are NOT available but may be available once the rollout continues to other regions.

It is unknown what trading pairs will be made available at first, but it is suspected that you will be able to swap BTC, ETH and other assets for stablecoins. Again, if a specific asset is NOT supported in your region, you will not be able to swap for it.

Can you use your loan proceeds for in-app swaps?

Unfortunately, NO. You cannot use loan proceeds (stablecoins) to do Celsius in-app swaps as this is against the terms & conditions of your loan. You must agree to this before your loan is approved. Sign-up today!

How many in-app swaps can I perform?

As Celsius Network is based on a community of HODLers, the last thing that the company wants is for users to start day trading. As such, there will be a limit on not only the number of in-app swaps a user can perform per day, week and/or month, but also the cumulative dollar value per day, week and/or month. The details are being worked out and will be specified prior to the beta launch. There is an assumption that users in higher Loyalty Tiers will have access to more in-app swaps and higher volume as well. Sign-up for early access to Celsius in-app swaps today!

How does Celsius in-app swaps compare to Coinbase and Binance?

This graph simply outlines the major differences in fees… get early access by signing up for in-app swaps today.

Comparison between Celsius, Coinbase and Binance fees

As you can see, for ‘Swap Fees’, Celsius swaps are free (as always) while Coinbase charges $0.99 – 3.99% and Binance charges 0.02% – 0.1% depending on whether or not you use BNB tokens to subsidize the fee. Celsius Network also gives you up to 17% APY on reward rates and you can also borrow for as little as 0%-1% APR. So what does this result in? Celsius Network gives you ‘more coins’ whilst Binance and Coinbase give you ‘fewer coins’.