Using Multiple Celsius Promotions

Celsius users can use multiple promos at the same time in order to maximize their bonus rewards. However there are several caveats!

Here are some tips & tricks on which active promo codes can be used, which are eligible to you (based on jurisdiction and new or exiting user), what order to enter them into your account as well as some deposit terms & conditions.

There are currently 13 active Promo Codes plus Referral Codes available split into two (2) groups:

  1. FIRST-TIME DEPOSIT‘ Promotions
  2. ALL-USER‘ Promotions

First-Time Deposit Promotions

You can only use one (1) of these promos -AND- only if you’ve NEVER deposited any assets into your Celsius account.

Therefore, you can either use a Referral Code (but must be entered upon sign-up and before KYC) -OR- a First-Time Deposit Promo Code as follows:

  • Referral Code -or-
  • HODL 10 -or- HODL50 -or- HODL500 -or- HODL2K -or-
  • PAXG60 -or- PAXG600 -or-
  • UNI60

All User Promotions

You can use ALL of these promos if you have the required deposits and they are eligible in your jurisdiction. They are available to both new and existing users as well as users who have yet to make their first deposit and users who have made their first deposit.

Therefore, you can use any combination of the following active promo codes:

  • STABLE10 + STABLE50 + STABLE600 +
  • ADA40 + ADA500 +
  • BNB40

Using Multiple Celsius Promo Codes Infographic

Here’s an infographic that explains what promotions can be used by different users. Please click on the image for a larger, high-resolution photo for download and reference.

Please note that the promotions indicated in this infographic are active as of September 25th, 2021.

Please note that ‘First-Time Deposits’ should be made in one (1) single deposit transaction. ‘All User’ deposits can be made in one or multiple transactions.