What is a Celsian?

In mineralogy terms, a Celsian is an uncommon feldspar mineral, barium aluminosilicate, BaAl2Si2O8.


However, when it comes to the burgeoning crypto world, a “Celsian” is someone who joins the Celsius Network, a leading Centralized Finance (CeFi) platform offering the best in rewards for deposits, borrowing rates, security and transparency.

Typically, a Celsius Celsian would:
  • get excited every Monday for payday (rewards distribution)
  • check the CEL token price regularly on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko
  • check their Celsius wallet portfolio regularly
  • deposit and HODL crypto assets in their Celsian wallet
  • dollar-cost-average (DCA) CEL purchases and/or buy a whole bunch on OTC
  • trust Celsius Network with deposits, security and insurance
  • look forward to Celsian recommended features such as self-insurance, credit/debit card, asset support, customer service improvements etc.
  • CelPay transfer crypto assets to other Celsians or friends/family
  • promote and refer friends, family and contacts to Celsius Network and to crypto in general
  • not abuse the ‘free withdrawals’ feature
  • want to take advantage of the Celsius Loyalty Program for Celsians holding CEL and maintaining a high CEL Ratio
  • be disgruntled by the current financial system which is rigged by the banks, financial institutions, FED and central banks
  • understand the phrase: “unbank yourself”
  • understand the phrase: “coming soon”
  • understand the phrase: “megadeal announcement”
  • want a better life, financial security and passive income
  • get annoyed by regulations in New York, Washington, Texas and the UK
  • tune into the weekly Celsius AMAs on various social networks including YouTube, ask questions and get rewards
  • taken out a Celsius crypto loan, closed one, requested a reverse margin call, extended a loan or two
  • understand the Celsian Flywheel or Fly Wheel that gives the CEL token utility and stability
  • understand the difference between Celsius in-kind versus in-CEL reward structures and how it relates to the CEL Ratio/Loyalty Program
  • can name other Celsians including the CEO, staff and Celsius influencers on social media
  • interact with other Celsians through Twitter, Zooms and Reddit
  • call themselves a Celsian
  • support Celsius in all of their decisions
  • wait patiently for partnerships and ‘megadeals’
  • misspell ‘Celsius’… perhaps Celcius or Celius or Celciuc or Fahrenheit
  • organize meet-ups with other Celsians to discuss CEL and crypto
  • change their social profiles to indicate that they are a Celsian
  • compare Celsius Network to other CeFi and DeFi platforms and explain the differences and advantages
  • play the Devil’s advocate to bring up important questions in order to help Celsius Network improve
  • keep an eye on competitors and what they are doing
  • complain that competitors are copying Celsius
  • join a dedicated and growing community of Celsians
  • understand what HODL means, but not ‘taking profits’
  • be born a Celsian by nature… giving back to others is in our core
  • point out competitor short-comings when it comes to sustainable busines practices and reward rates which are very important to Celsians
  • know the difference between a mineralogy Celsian and a Celsius crypto Celsian, as well as between a real Celsian and a fake one
  • can answer basic questions about Celsius Network including depositing, borrowing, reward rates, proof of community, rewards explorer and CeFi.
  • be located anywhere around the world as the Celsius wallet is available in over 150+ jurisdictions
  • be from all walks of life, regardless of colour, race, sex, sexual orientation, financial state/literacy, location, history, goals, age etc
  • live, breathe and sleep like a Celsian
  • and check the CEL price again…