When Do I Get Paid?

Celsius reward interest is paid out weekly, every Monday. So it’s like a bonus payday!

There are 3 important milestone days and times when it comes to weekly reward interest.

  1. Reward Accrual Period‘ is between Friday 05:00:00 UTC to Friday 04:59:59 UTC.
  2. Reward Calculation Price Snapshot‘ is every Friday at 05:00:00 UTC*
  3. Reward Payment Day‘ is every Monday (no set time for reward distribution).
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Celsius uses the price snapshot to determine asset prices for CEL conversion (for earnings in-CEL). Therefore, earnings in-CEL are determined by both the advertised annual reward rates as well as the asset prices at the time of the price snapshot.

Advertised rewards rates are Annual Percentage Yield (APY). For an explanation of APR versus APY rates, click here.

Friday 05:00:00 UTC is what time in my time zone?

Adelaide2:30 PMLondon*6:00 AM
Athens*8:00 AMLos Angeles*10:00 PM
Previous Day
Auckland5:00 PMManila1:00 PM
Beijing1:00 PMMelbourne3:00 PM
Berlin*7:00 AMMexico City*0:00 AM
Brisbane3:00 PMMoscow9:00 AM
Cairo7:00 AMMumbai10:30 AM
Calgary*11:00 PM
Previous Day
Nairobi8:00 AM
Cape Town7:00 AMNew York*1:00 AM
Chicago*0:00 AMParis*7:00 AM
Denver*11:00 PM
Previous Day
Perth1:00 PM
Dubai9:00 AMPhoenix10:00 PM
Previous Day
Hong Kong1:00 PMRiyadh8:00 AM
Honolulu7:00 PM
Previous Day
Santiago1:00 AM
Houston*0:00 AMSao Paulo2:00 AM
Jakarta12:00 PMSingapore1:00 PM
Karachi10:00 AMSydney3:00 PM
Kiev*8:00 AMTel Aviv*8:00 AM
Kuala Lumpur1:00 PMToronto*1:00 AM
Lagos6:00 AMVancouver*10:00 PM
Previous Day
* Under daylight saving time (DST) or summer time adjustment.

* Please note that US users are unable to earn in-CEL. However, accredited US users may be able to earn in-CEL by the end of 2021.