Who Wants To Be a Crypto Millionaire?

Wonder what your individual cryptocurrency bags are worth if you just HODL and earn passive rewards through Celsius Network or any other DeFi or CeFi platform? Check out our Crypto Millionaire calculator where you can determine what your individual asset portfolio will be worth in the future based on the amount of crypto you hold, the APR reward rate and the length of term. So let’s play: Who wants to be a crypto Millionaire? and please remember to enter the APR reward rate (not the published APY).

* please note that you must use the APR rate (not APY) for accuracy. In addition, we can only figure out if you are a crypto millionaire for 1 crypto asset as different assets have different reward rates.

Are you a crypto millionaire yet? If not, keep dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) and you will get there!